Welcome home

Good thing number – 35

Classification – TLC

Time taken – 40 mins

So, the parent types have been on a rather exciting trip. I’m not at all jealous… no not me!!! They’ve been touring Vietnam and Cambodia and after a rather tough year, it’s been so well deserved and the pictures they have been posting on facebook really and truly have warmed my heart. I can’t remember seeing my dad that happy and relaxed ever! He’s usually more fond of scowling on pictures! :)

Anyway, they are currently en route and as the temperatures have dropped rather a lot this week, I ‘think’ they’re going to feel it a tad. So as agreed with the mothership, I’ve popped round today, switched on the heating, sorted their post out into actual post, junk mail addressed to them and ‘straight to recycling’. it took me ages to wade my way through the mountain behind the door!

Also nipped to the supermarket and got them some essentials in so they can be fed and watered tomorrow without feeling the need to start going shopping after such a long journey.

It’s only a wee thing, but it makes all the difference doesn’t it?

DF Memory

Talking of coming home, the arrival back at Manchester airport is really very special. When the kids arrive with us on departure day they are understandably rather nervous, as are their parents and we work hard to reassure them and promise to stay in contact. Each child is allocated to a volunteer for the duration of the journey and we look after everything so it’s important to spend some time talking to family and reassuring them. I’m not going to lie though, taking them off through departures does break your heart a tad when you glance back for the last time at their parents. You just know tears are shed.

One of the trip’s seasoned veterans told me her parents always come to collect her from the airport because they love it. We all collect bags and say our rather tearful goodbyes before heading through the arrivals gate en mass, where the parents are anxiously waiting. Clare’s parents love it because there is a real tension and nervous expectation over the arrivals hall with family groups trying to distract themselves as they respond to every movement coming from the gate.

However, it can’t be missed when we arrive! A tidal wave of colour, noise, smiles and laughter which infects the arrivals hall in an instant. Would love to be a fly on the wall… but I’ll gladly take being a part of it :)

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