They’re real!

Good thing number – 20

Classification – Homemade

Time taken – 2 hours

My fabulous friend Jo Rutherford is an amazing photographer who captures personalities and immortalises them forever! She’s an inspiration having taken the risk, setting herself up as a full-time photographer, leaving the security of a full time lecturer post behind. Her bravery astounds me and I’m always thrilled the celebrate every success with her (though I know she deserves many, many more!)

You can check out Jo’s website and maybe book yourself in to capture your moment in time here;

Anyway….. Jo is going up in the world. She’s moving studios, to a fabulous new place with lots of space. A dedicated newborn studio, space for further expansion….. it’s so exciting! A couple of weeks ago I had the frat pleasure of going down to help out with a bit of painting, clearing up and giving a customers eye view.

Jo is creating a lovely children’s area…. but there was something missing. How would the fairies get in to sprinkle their magic dust? Photo’s like Jo’s don’t just come from skill you know?

I had a bit too much fun with this, taking inspiration from the medieval photo shoots Jo is becoming well known for.

image image image

I have no idea why they won’t sit straight! It must be fairy magic!!

Destination Florida memory

This is actually prompted by this weekend’s ball. Just as I’ve talked about Jo’s bravery in starting her own business. This is about the bravery and confidence that experiencing Destination Florida has given to one fabulous lady ‘B’.

B went on the trip a good few years back, an under confident and isolated young lady whose life was dominated by her illness. During the trip she began to blossom and recognise her strengths and what she had to offer the world. Her mum talks of her returning from the trip with a new found confidence and verve for life. She started anti-bullying campaigns, volunteered as a leader at a local Beaver group, now lives independently and is a vocal and very real supporter of Destination Florida.

On Saturday night, she stood up in front of hundreds of people and explained what DF had done for her. Yes, the same shy, under confident girl who had hidden away and focussed solely on school work as a way of coping with life.

I am so proud of what she has and continues to achieve and am proud that Destination Florida gave her the opportunity to make the most of her life.

We only have one….. & it’s worth living x

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