The final countdown

Good thing number – 40!!!!

Classification – Party time

Time taken – I honestly couldn’t even begin to add up the hours!

Rather a delayed post I’m afraid due to a rather busy work schedule over the last two days which has involved an epic 11 hours of driving! However, it hasn’t felt like a chore at all thanks to the huge success of the past few days.

I am overwhelmed, humbled and rather emotional about the events of the past few days. I was lucky enough to secure some fabulous raffle prizes and then some amazing people helped out by sourcing and contributing more. So much so, that the raffle was truly amazing. I posted on my facebook page last week inviting people who couldnt make the event to buy raffle tickets in advance…… well….. that was a huge success. We sold over £300 worth before the event even started. In total selling £1000 worth of raffle tickets!!

The event itself was amazing – thanks to everyone who was able to come along. Tino’s were truly brilliant, giving up their venue to us on what was scheduled to be one of their Christmas party nights. The staff couldn’t have been more supportive and moved furniture, helped us set up the charity video (I had completed forgotten about the need for speakers! Thanks Geoff the DJ for coming to the rescue!), provided a raffle prize and provided a fabulous table buffet for each table to share.

The fashion show company were brilliant and even somehow managed to arrive and set up in record time despite their van breaking down en route and having to get a replacement vehicle!

Then onto the raffle and a celebration of what everyone had achieved in supporting such a fabulous cause.

The night finished off with much dancing and attempts to catch up with everyone who came…. including many, many selfies!

As predicted I got rather emotional on the night and had to be rescued by our fundraising manager at Destination Florida – Ann Billington. Thank you so much Ann……. don’t think there was any way of recovering me from the overwhelming sense of gratitude as I looked around the room and realised what everyone had achieved.

Special thanks go out to Claire Thomas, who travelled up from Cheltenham to attend the event and spent all day doing raffle admin with me and did a stirling job of selling raffle tickets on the night, the raffle ticket folding team of Mum, Norah, Judith, Dayle, Lisa, Sheila, Bianca & Simon, my fabulous assistant on the night (who I completely forgot to introduce) Simon who is one of the trip nurses….. and every single person who came and supported the event. Words fail me in expressing my gratitude.

40 good things has been an epic journey and one that I will never forget. I have always taken a lot of pleasure from giving and this adventure has given me that in droves. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. (However, I am ridiculously grateful to all those that gave me gifts and cards too… even those it was very much an un-birthday!)

So…. all that remains for me to say is “Guess how much we raised in total?” (Note the use of the word WE – that is very important!)

You fabulous lot have raised an astounding……… (drum roll please!!!)…. including gift aid….


Words cannot begin to express how amazing I think you all are. This is enough to fund one of our amazing and deserving children on next year’s trip… and you lovely lot did that!!

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