Spreading Christmas cheer

Good thing number – 36

Classification – Group good thinging

Time taken – 2 hours

A friend forwarded me a link last week from a local paper encouraging people to help make a little boy’s Christmas wish come true.

Terminally ill Layton’s Christmas card wish

Of course I wanted to help…. I’m turning into the bananaman of good thinging! Note I’ve said Bananaman and not anyone cool and actually superhero like… though with my rapidly approaching birthday maybe Supergran?!

This one!!

This one!!


rather than this one!

Anyway… I digress. Of course I could send a Christams card to Layton… but one? Where would be the good thinging in that?! So armed with 40 cards (it had to be 40 really didn’t it?!), and some very willing second year students and various office buddies, I now have a rather fabulous 40 cards to drop off at Layton’s house. It wouldn’t be proper good thinging if I used the post!!


DF Memory

This memory is something really simple… I’ve really hesitated in sharing, but actually when I close my eyes and think back to the happy times, this is one of them that always comes to mind.

As a mum, I love to watch my daughter developing friendships and I think friendships are often played out over the dinner table, so I love to watch the interaction between people while they sit ordering, chatting and then eating a meal. I suppose its a bit like the TV programme “First Dates” really isn’t it?!

I have no idea which day was which anymore….. I think this mission may be messing with my mind! However, one day we were booked in to eat at a restaurant at lunchtime. By this time in the trip we had been lucky enough to see friendships blossom and so would often sit on the next table to, or ‘around’ the kids so that they could sit together and enjoy their meal with friends without their style being cramped too much by us.

I really enjoyed watching them this day. We had rather a long wait for our food and yet despite this they all sat happily chatting and having fun and being really well behaved. When the food arrived and some were concerned about they had ordered, they simply swapped around between them with the minimum of fuss. It was like glancing into the future and seeing them at a reunion, enjoying close friendships over shared food. I do hope they can make that happen and they get to enjoy each other and the unbreakable bonds they made during that week in the future x

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