Skirt of science!!

Good thing number – 38

Classification – Homemade

Tme taken – About three hours (including 40 minutes unpicking because I’m a fool!)

Lyndsy is my roller derby wife. She also has no vowels in her name (one for the fact fans!)

Right at the very begining of this challenge Lyndsy asked me to make her a skirt with some sciency fabric. Lyndsy is science. Lyndsy is geek. I love her. (I also think Regan is actually her child with the things she comes out with!).

I wanted to get this right….. so I faffed. I’ve looked at far too many patterns, taken Lyndsy’s measurements and applied them to different patterns, selected and rejected fabrics, settled on a skirt then decided it wasn’t right for Lyndsy’s shape…. aaarrrggghhhh just get on with it woman!

So I did. I had a gorgeous soft drapey wool fabric and some of my favourite black chemistry equations fabric. All was going well until I finished it. Then I realised I’d made a rookie error and sewn up the waistband before anything else and when I stitched the sides together I couldnt get the elastic in – Doh!!! 50 minutes later I finished sewing again!!

Here’s the finished result (well almost – I want to fit the elastic to Lyns and will then stitch through it, but you get the idea!!

Note - waistband not finished until fitting

Note – waistband not finished until fitting


DF Memory

You know they say smells can evoke powerful memories…. for me on this trip it’s sound….

Different Disney songs whoosh me back to individual moments on the coach singing, acting out songs with the kids, moments during parades,

Group laughter evokes memories of smiles and expressions of pure delight

I can hear the voices of the individual kids when I think back

…. but two sounds stuck with me so much I tried to record them to have as a ringtone and text alert on my phone when I got home!

The first was Ste, a firefighter and longstanding and experienced volunteer. Ste is fab…. and his laugh is brilliant! Ste laughs A LOT on rides…. and it makes them so much more enjoyable. His deep throaty laugh is infectious and you can’t help but join in. On our last ride of the trip I was guted to realise it was the last time I would hear that mainstay of the trip… Ste’s laughter sountrack over every ride (Pssssst Ste told me he laughed so much to stop him from swearing when the rides pushed him over the edge. Top tip for you there from a seasoned veteran!)

The other sound that everyone in my group will know is the chant (in a deep mancunian accent) “Mandy, Mandy, Mandy”. One of our kids had a particular fondness for my name and couldnt say it just once…. it became a soundtrack (I’m sure many mums and dads will associate with this one) to the trip. So much so, that I miss it even now… my little mate, in his white cap, shouting for my attention to something even when I was right next to him. Well… we were in Florida, who could blame him for the excitement…. and as a result… I didn’t miss a thing! x

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