Sisters are doing it… for each other…!

Good thing number – 33

Classification – Helping out fellow humans

Time taken – About an hour with shopping, gathering and dropping off

I am lucky enough to have an inspirational friend or two in my life. One of these is Lou – she is one of my true heroes in life (though she will hate me for writing this!). She has honestly inspired me a lot since she first skated into my life a few years ago with her devotion to helping out those who need it most. So this morning she was at it again and this popped up on my facebook feed;

Please share! Can you spread some joy this Christmas and donate any of these items inside a handbag to The Foxton Centre for their Base 18 project?

Base 18 forms an important part of the Streetlink provision. The centre is located in the heart of the ‘red light zone’ of Preston. It is where the women can access more intensive support through one to one support and action planning. Streetlink currently facilitate evening surgeries, daytime surgeries and a peer support session.…/foxton-proje…/streetlink/

Please take the filled bags to The Foxton Centre by Monday 21st December. From there, they’ll present the handbags to the ladies at Base 18.

For more information please contact


Well, this was an appeal I couldnt refuse. One thing this journey has taught me is that when we stop and open our eyes, it’s all too clear that our fellow man (or woman in this case to be specific) can be having a tough time. Its so easy to judge, or to ignore and walk on by. However, stuff happens and an awful lot influences the outcome – that can be under our control and way beyond our control. It’s important that we sometimes take a step back and walk in someone else’s shoes. They could very easily be ours.

So this evening I nipped out and grabbed a few essentials, dug out a handbag and stuffed it as full as I could. I hope it helps someone out and makes things a wee bit more comfortable. Tomorrow I shall be dropping it off.


DF Memory

While I’ve mentioned choices, it seems fitting to mention the chats we had with some of our kids about the choices they were making in their lives. More specifically – what they want to do with their futures.

As a mum myself, and working in higher education I feel really passionately about opportunity for all. Thing is I wouldn’t want to be back there making those decisions! It’s sooo hard! One of the things I’ve come to realise is that role modelling has a huge influence on what people think is achievable for them! If you know someone in a particular profession, it becomes easy to ask what’s involved, to gain some insight, to ask questions. While we were away we got to know our kids really well and talking about their futures and where they wanted to be seemed like a very natural progression in our chats. I know this was very different to what some of them had previously experienced. Talk of the future was often more focussed on the next stage of treatment, or managing the current round of symptoms. Careers talk was more about how many exams they might aim to take given the amount of school missed… our conversations were really quite different! They focussed on what the kids wanted to achieve, what the career & training involved… how might they get there…

Talk ranged from long discussions with our doc on the coach about medical school, training as a dance teacher to set up a school of dance to rival our very own Miss Clare, to continuing to carve out an already blossoming career as a dance DJ. The mum and lecturer in me did her happy dance on a regular basis :)

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