Refugee support

Good thing number – 7
Classification – Lending a helping hand to our fellow humans
Time taken – 2 hours

Last night a friend messaged me about the rucksack appeal. Time is tight with this one as donations need to be in tomorrow.


But I knew we could definitely help out and it was something I truly WANTED to do. After school, Regan and I nipped to the supermarket and grabbed some toiletry essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, flannel, shampoo) which we popped in a Minnie Mouse toiletry bag along with a hairbrush & hair bobbles. Then off home to do some gathering.
Regan was a little confused at first so I tried to explain what the girl she was donating to had gone through. She began to cry.

We talked about how the little girl was much safer now, but has nothing and she was spurred to action. Our bag is crammed with a child’s sleeping bag, two pairs of boots, three pairs of jeans, five long sleeved tshirts, three jumpers, two cardigans. a gilet, five vests, five pairs of knickers, six pairs of socks, waterproof jacket, hat, scarf and gloves, micro fibre towel, sticker books and one very special item. When Regan was small she loved a little giraffe who she named ‘Little Mrs Giraffe’. When one of my students was graduating, he gave me a gift for Regan and it it was another little mrs giraffe. These two have played together for hours. Regan decided she needed to send one so her and the little girl will always be connected. (Yes I am crying!). She has written a letter and given her new friend her address in the hope that one day she will be able to write back and let Regan know she is safe.

To say I am proud of my little girl right now is a massive understatement.

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It got me thinking about the self-less behaviour I witnessed in Florida.


DF Memory – one of our girls came from a tricky family background and we were so lucky she made it on the trip. She was a fun loving and fabulous young lady who was seemingly unflappable. During the trip she stole the heart of at least one of our team and I’m sure many of us think of her often and how she is getting on. Even though she came from a background of little, this angel of a girl was one of the kindest and most generous souls. On numerous occasions we saw her buying something with the spending money the charity provides and then gifting it to others in the group as a reminder of the trip and their friendship. It doesn’t come much better than that

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