Random Act Number 1

Good thing number – 2
Classification – random act
Time taken – 5 minutes

You are a rather generous lot! I’ve been lucky enough to receive several donations from people who haven’t asked for anything in return. So today I decided I would do a good thing at random in return.
After swimming today Regan and I popped into town and went to Marks and Spencer. We selected a beautiful box of sparking caramel truffles (we chose what we would want for ourselves).
Then what actually was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done because of the reaction. We selected a lady who looked a tad down in the dumps and just went and gave them to her. I explained that you lovely lot had asked for nothing in return so me and Regan had decided she should benefit.
An unexpected result of this was the impact on Regan who was overjoyed with the lady’s response and how it made her feel inside smile emoticon

DF memory – this was one of the best. One of our lovely girls who was scared of getting wet was with one of our experienced DFers. We were all riding Journey to Atlantis (a lot) and getting drenched. Next thing Lou turns up with the lovely girl wearing a shower cap, poncho with the hood tied tight round her face & I think another poncho as a skirt. She ruddy well did it! That was my favourite ride because of this moment.
Mind you….. little did I realise she had been convinced that she could give the rest of us a good soaking and layed into us with water bottles part way round smile emoticon the smile on her face is one I’ll always treasure

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