Pretty in pink

Good thing number – 37

Classification – homemade

Time taken – 1.5 hours

My lovely friends Lisa and Bevan have recently decorated their daughter’s bedroom. Its a pink unicorn butterfly bonanza! Look what a good job they did!


Lurking behind where this picture was taken is a cupboard/shelves. V useful, but really not very magical! So Lisa asked if I could make them a curtain to hang over the offending functional yet less than magical storage. Of course I couldn’t say no! Lisa was fab and posted me the fabric, measurements & how they wanted to hang the finished article. The rest was over to me. An hour and a half armed with an iron, pins, tape and my trusty sewing machine & job done. One pretty pink curtain all packaged up in a pink gift bag ready to hand over to our magical princess.

DF Memory

I’m nearing the end of my good thinging journey now, so I’m going to share some memories from the end of the trip.

On our rather long wait for lunch one day (see previous post) Clare our fabulous deputy group leader had a dig round in her trusty blue rucksack of magic and produced pens and paper for the kids (she has the nicest stationery). She wrote each group member’s name at the top and handed them round, with the idea that they kids wrote what they felt about different group members anonymously – you know the things you might want to say but never do. They were all handed back in and on the last day Clare hit the microphone on the coach and read them out.

Wow! such amazing messages of love and respect, reflecting those lifelong friendships. You could feel the confidence of everyone on the coach growing as their sheet was read out. Yes I did put my sunglasses on…… yes the coach had tinted windows… I just had something in my eye!

What did mine say? (‘hiding from me right now…it’s in that safe place… you know the one… if you do – please text me!!) I’ll post a pic when it jumps into my hand.

“….. possibly escaped from an asylum”

… yep sounds about right! :) x

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