Poorly stops play ….. kind of

Oh dear!

I caught a cold

I tried to ignore it

It turned into a chest infection

I started taking antibiotics…

…and tried to ignore it


Turns out ignoring illness isn’t particularly effective. However, the lovely out of hours GP and his lovely nebuliser and bin bag full of drugs appear to be infinitely more effective!

(Naughty Mandy – I’d like to say I’ve learnt my lesson, but I know I’ll be lying!)

As a result today has mainly involved lying down, drinking tea and using my time wisely; emailing companies asking for raffle prizes for my 40th good thing. 

Do you know of anyone who might be able to donate a raffle prize? Obviously I will work very hard to promote the business in advance of the event through my Facebook page and during the event itself.
You could even be cheeky and ask your boss at work tomorrow (give them a chocolate biscuit first though! 😉)
Thanks for your help :)
Tickets will be going on sale next week once I’ve finalised details x

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