Mmmmmm……… gin

Good thing number – 12

Classification – homemade with love

Time taken – 35 days

Well, this had to be done at some point in this challenge didn’t it? Earlier this year Mum and I had a fabulous time at the gin festival held at Victoria Baths in Manchester (seriously, if you like gin, go to one of the gin festivals. We learnt so much about what we like) & had so much fun expploring the building fuelled by gin

yep.... we enjoyed ourselves :)

yep…. we enjoyed ourselves :)

Well during this fabulous evening we discovered Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb and Ginger gin. Heaven in a bottle.

My fabulous friend made me a book full of recipes for flavouring your own gin, so of course I had to try and make my own and it was a success! So when Carole our lead nurse on blue group asked me to make her a bottle, of course it was definite yes! Back in August, the gin was purchased, the pinkest rhubarb I could find was selected & a whacking great pice of ginger was peeled and thinly sliced before taking up residence in a kilner jar for a month. Look at it in all its glory!


A month later, triple filtered (through rather difficult to procure coffee filter papers), bottled and labelled & Carole, your gin is ready (& its a good one…. even if i do say so myself!)


DF memory

I’ve been thinking back to that week a year ago a lot recently. old facebook memories have popped up and I’ve just submitted my application for next year’s trip. One memory keeps making me smile.

The day we went to Magic Kingdom will always be special to me. That day was the day that we witnessed all the children truly blossom. Selecting memories is hard, but this one was easy. Just a few moments long but etched forever. All of our kids travelled everywhere in style. Wheelchairs. Energy preservation was key to ensure they all got the most out of every second of their trip & it also helps us to know exactly where the children are at all times so safety is a primary focus.

As we got off the bus and selected our chariot for the day the girl I was looking after and I got a tad overexcited and as was common began to sing Disney songs. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time faves. As we sang and re-enacted the ballroom scene, with me as the Beast (obviously) and my beautiful Belle being spun and whirled about in her wheelchair… we were in that ballroom……only for a minute…….but we were completely lost…… and thats before the magic of Disney truly took effect x

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