Looking after Queen V

Good thing number – 8
Classification – use of expertise
Time taken – 4 hours (including travel).

I feel a fraud claiming this one as I had such a lovely time meeting a fabulous lady.
My DF roomie Clare messaged me last week. A fellow DF volunteer was having a hard time and she thought I may be able to help. Sue’s mum had a fall a few weeks ago (we established it was 2 1/2 weeks ago tonight 😉) and unfortunately sustained fractures to not one but both of her shoulders. Leaving her in slings and in a bit of a pickle. I had arranged to go tonight & luckily ‘Queen V’ had an appointment with her consultant last week so is aged to get a detailed handover from him 😊
A quick nip to Timperley (the home of Frank Sidebottom don’t you know!) and I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Vera and her family giving advice and exercise. Her slings come off on Saturday so I’m back in a few weeks to see how she’s getting on. Shhhhh I can’t wait!


DF memory – I’ve been holding back with this one. Two of our kids were HUGE Harry Potter fans so were understandably a tad over-excited when we headed to Universal. As we approached ‘Hogsmeade’ our group leader Allan told me to get my camera out and start videoing. He made the kids take off their caps and I filmed the big reveal. I was glad of sunglasses and waterproof mascara again that day and have the video saved on my phone. The unbridled joy and excitement they shared captured the importance of DF in one fabulous 30 second video

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