Left luggage….

Good thing number – 30

Classification – Favour for a spcial person

Time taken – 20 mins

On Sunday one of my fabulous fellow Preston Roller Girls attended a bootcamp at Rainy City Roller Girls (& by all accounts did brilliantly!). Unfortunately, in her resultant euphoria, she somehow ended up leaving sunny Oldham without her kitbag!! Luckily, the roller derby community is a friendly, close knit one. Within hours of posting of her trauma on our facebook group, one of the Rainy City girls had been contacted and luckily, she was down at their venue on Monday. Skate bag was retrieved with a promise it could be brought to Preston on Monday. Evene better, our hero of the tale works at UCLan, so today I used my lunch break to go down to meet her to collect said skate bag and reward her loveliness wth a large vanilla latte :) A £2.50 coffee isnt a great sacrifice for rescuing a derby girl in need really is it?!

DF Memory

Talking of close knit communities and friendships brings one special pairing to mind. These two fabulous girls knew each other before the trip, but hadn’t developed the friendship that we all had the pleasure to watch blossom.

The funniest tale from these two was recounted by the night team (though I’m not sure how funny they found it at the time!)

One night, one of the girls kept coming out of their room in a bit of a panic that the other had ‘disappeared’. On returning her to their room, her friend was in bed every time. Apart from once, when neither of them were in sight!

Her friend kept hiding under her bed then making enough noise to stir the other, who then grew concerned about her whereabouts. The last time however, it took a significant comedy turn. As she returned to her room with the staff following a short way behind, she was grabbed by the ankles and pulled under the bed! It must have been terrifying at first, but apparently the giggles coming from under the bed showed that she got over it quite quickly!!

This memory makes me smile so much because of the level of mischief displayed. I’m sure it was a nightmare for the night team at the time. I believe it was really late, but times shared with friends like that are the foundations of long-standing friendships :)

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