It’s all about the powerpoint…..

Good thing number – 3
Classification – use of my skills
Time taken – 2 hours
Shhhhhhh, I’m not giving you all the detail about this one as I don’t want to jinx anything. One of my most fabulous and oldest friends (as in time we’ve been friends, not her age!!) has a job interview. As part of it she has to do a teaching session.
As arranged, I arived at her house before training today to give her a hand pulling her ideas for the presentation together whilst helping her navigate her way around Powerpoint. To say she is organised is an understatement! All the information was there and after a quick chat and a bit of work on wording learning outcomes, she was almost there and I learnt LOADS too! Have just spent the last hour reviewing her script, having a battle trying to embed videos from YouTube consistently (WHY is it so hard work!!) and having a wee tweak of the layout and I think it’s BRILLIANT. Good luck lady – I’ve got everythig crossed for you and I think you’ve definitey got a career in this arena ahead of you! xx

To be honest, I feel a bit of a fraud with this one. I would have bent over backwards to do this anyway, but then maybe thats what this is all about? Recognising that actually we all do good things for others all the time?

DF memory – I think this one matches the theme of today’s good thing really in that it’s something that can be very muc part of the everyday if only we make that little bit of effort.
One of girls – you know the one who was afraid of water…. well, she didnt like the dark either. so……….. we took her on a ride that had a dark section in it. She really wanted to go on it with everyone else (I think this was her first ride) & so, with trusty Lou by her side, encouraging her to exactly the right degree, she was off and in the queue. What happened next destroyed a fair few of us (dark sunglasses and waterproof mascara are essential on a DF trip). One of the young lads who is about 13 or 14 (bear in mind, I have no concept of how old anyone is EVER!) asked if it was ok if he sat next to her on the ride and asked if that was ok with her. ‘You see, Im scared too and I think we could help each other’. Her face was a picture! This was the start of a jouney where we saw this young lady come out of her shell and feel part of a group, rather than the outsider with an illness. I’ll let you know how I know this later on in this ourney – be warned you’ll need the tissues!

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