How times have changed…but the need for sewing hasn’t!

Good thing number – 16

Classification – sewing

Time taken – 20 minutes

Brownies. I’d love to say I loved it. I didn’t really, I was usually quite bored. Brownies got me into the most trouble I have ever been in with my mum as a child. I can only ever remember us working on two badges. Most weeks we just kind of ran around… oh and we had quizzes. I used to know the natioanl emblem of lots of countries, the national saints day… you know life changing stuff. I did learn the safe way to dry a knife with a tea towel. We spent a lot of time on that!

I needed a way out… and one week I spotted it. A way that could avoid me having to tell Brown Owl 1 and Brown Owl 2 (who were lovely) that I really didn’t want to go. I just didn’t see the point of walking to Sainsburys to get a box of choc ices to share (yes that really was the activity one week…imagine my parents surprise to come out from doing their weekly shop to see us all!). Anyway.. my out? They were increasing the subs from 10p a week to 20p a week…. YES!!!! So, in a performance that was truly worthy of an oscar, I explained that unfortunately I wouldn’t be going anymore. My parents just couldn’t afford the increase.

…… well…… that backfired massively. You know the Howlers in Harry Potter? Well imagine that in real life, with the delieverer of said ‘message’ rather angry, ashamed and wanting the world to open up and swallow her. Turns out the Brown Owl duo had collared my mum after church and explained that they would cover my weekly subs and they were terribly sorry to hear we were in financial difficulty. Oops! Wrong thing to say to my mum. I was only allowed to go to prearranged ouses at Halloween… anything else was ‘tantamount to begging’. I still feel bad about it now!

Anyway… I digress…….. When I went to Brownies the uniform looked like this;

old brownie

So comfortable… so functional! 😉 The main rules. You had one dress. This was a hand me down (usually from someone who your mum worked with). You wore this dress throughout the years. Starting as a maxi, progressing to barely decent mini dress. The only sewing ever needed was on those patches. But that was ok. We never got patches!

Nowadays….. oh my word how high tech?

modern brownie

Look at those trousers though… sure they’re functional, cool, good for running round, easily cleaned and never need ironing thanks to their 100% polyester beauty. But trousers need taking up….and that fabric is scary. So scary in fact that my friend (whose name I shan’t mention) asked if I could take her daughter’s trousers up properly. The fabric was too scary for wonderweb, so they’d been expertly turned up with safety pins for some time. I have to admit. At first I was PETRIFIED of this one – taking the iron to the fabric from hell to press the hem before sewing was one of the scariest things I’ve done. And yes I had identified a shop I could go to replace said trousers should they shrivel up to the size of dolls clothing and the slightest hint of the iron. But all was well and we how have one little brownie with trousers that fit and no chance of snagging her feet in a safety pin anymore :).

DF Memory

Last good thing, I talked about the preparation for the trip. This time, I thought it would be good to talk about a typical day. Lets just say we work hard to make sure we make the most of every day :)

0600hrs – Alarm (we were usually up already because we were too excited!).

0700hrs – Down at children’s rooms, nurses in handover. Assist children with personal care and carry out any morning treatments that are possible before breakfast

0800hrs – All children down for breakfast in large function room used for all meals at the hotel.

0900hrs/0930hrs – head to coaches for departure to parks (treatment continues en route in between singing Disney songs).


1900/1930hrs (depending on which day this can be much later). Return to hotel, provide all evening treatment required. Get children ready for bed. Assist in sorting purchases and storing safely. Arrange laundry required and settle for the evening. Hand over to night staff

2100/2200hrs Team meeting to discuss events of the day, discuss any potential challenges, make plans for following day

2230/2300 – Free time

This is an ‘average’ day. I’m not actually sure there is average as every day is an adventure. I think these times are about right but to be honest. I dont think I had any idea what time it was at any point while we were away apart from first thing in the morning.

I do however know that adrenaline is a mighty thing and can power you through when needed. When you add a sprinkle of Disney magic and stir in laughter and childrens smiles… time doesnt matter!

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