Far from poisonous!

Good Thing number – 18

Classification – a review!!

Time taken – review 10 mins, reading – far too fast! Never wanted it to end!

I can’t quite believe that I hadn’t done this before now. It was only when Christina asked me that it even dawned on me that perhaps reviewing her debut novel (particularly as I had loved it so much!) would be a great idea. I know Christina through roller derby and I also know how hard she has worked on getting to the point of publishing her novel and promoting it. She is inspirational in her commitment to getting her book out there!

Go buy a copy. It’s available on kindle and in proper, turn the pages, smell the ink printed form (just the way I like it!!)


I can highly recommend. I loved every second of this book! Read my reviews on Amazon and good reads. Go on…. take a chance on a new author. You won’t regret it!

DF Memory

One of our kids made us smile every day with the stories he told. He was so convincing with the detail and emotion he conveyed, I honestly don’t know why he isn’t a published author yet!

He wasn’t so keen on rides however, which meant he missed out on some of the bonding time that took place between the kids in their mutual fear, which towards the end of the trip was replaced with a frankly hilarious nonchalance about the fear factor of rides! This did worry me as I feared he was missing out on a lot of what the trip had to offer.

However, on party night, my fears were quite frankly blown out of the water. As we danced he was firmly planted in the middle of the circle, busting some blummin impressive moves in his chair firmly accompanied by an endless stream kids from the group.

….pass me the tissues!

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