Doing what is right…. and natural…?

Good thing number – 32

Classification – doing the right thing

Time taken – 10 minutes


I wasn’t sure about including this, but my friends insisted that I should, so here goes!

One of my long-term colleagues and friends from work has recently started a secondment, so she had a ‘not really leaving, leaving do’ tonight. A lovely meal with colleagues, what’s not to like?

I was out off site this afternoon and got stuck in traffic on the way back into Preston, so was on the last minute meeting up with everyone. As I parked up I spotted a poor lady who seemed quite distressed being sick out of her car door. As I was getting my things together she moved from the front seat of the car to the back seat, but was still hanging out of the car being violently ill. I watched as so many people just stared as they walked past her and just carried on walking.

As I got out of the car I headed over and offered her water and help and realised she had a baby in the back seat. The poor woman was so ill and her little one was screaming because he was scared about what was happening. She told me her husband was on his way on the train to come and collect them as she couldn’t drive. So I did the only thing a fellow mother could, I sat and tried to distract her little one for a while. To be honest that didn’t go too well, the little mite was so scared as she told me he has communication difficulties and he was so worked up by the time I got to him even using all my knowledge of how to speak with a child with limited communication, he just needed his mummy at that point. Luckily her hubby was only five minutes away, so we decided I’d move away but stand a short distance away so she wasn’t on her own and feeling vulnerable in the dark. I saw her husband arrive and wandered off to join my friends.

I’m sharing this not because I think it was anything special, but more because I’m a bit shocked that no one else had stopped and offered help. I don’t know where her husband was coming from but to have caught the train, it must have been a good while that she was stranded, being increasingly unwell, with her wee boy getting more and more distressed. It took ten minutes of my day to offer some support in her hour of need. I just wish someone had offered sooner and maybe her little one wouldn’t have been so upset :(

DF Memory

This one is a shout out to our fabulous team Doctor, Lottie. Lending an ear, listening closely to someone and taking them seriously and offering reassurance is such a valuable part of any health professional’s skill set and Lottie displayed this in droves.

Imagine you are a child with considerable health problems. You are acutely in tune with changes in your body as often responding to them at the right time can be the difference between symptoms being controlled or them controlling you. Now imagine that due to your illness, some of the normal parts of growing up, taking risks, taking part in physical activity that pushes your boundaries have been limited, either by lack of opportunity, a risk assessment that says no or maybe being a tad over cautious at times. Now imagine going to Florida and going on rides that get your adrenaline flowing in ways that you have never known. That feeling can be a tad scary and unfamiliar, and for some it can be worrying.

This is where Lottie demonstrated the true care and skill of a really very special doctor. Listening, completing assessments and reassuring and educating in such a supportive and empowering manner that it really was inspirational to watch. Thank you for the masterclass Lottie. It was a privilege to work with you x


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