Doing a Gok Wan!

Good thing number – 19

Classification – doing a Gok!

Time taken – 1 1/2 hours

Now I’m not the jealous sort, however on this occasion I have to admit to a tinge of the green eyed monster! My mum and dad are amazing and I’m truly proud of them and everything they have achieved.

When I was little I suffered very badly from travel sickness. As a result the furthest we ever went on holiday was Pontins at Southport.

Since they took early retirement they’ve made up for it. Having worked as holiday reps in Skiathos, backpacked around Australia and New Zealand & experienced some amazing trips to Sri Lanka, Goa and many more. Their next trip is the one they have decided is their last big trip. They’re doing it in style Vietnam and Cambodia. However, the travel arrangements are posing a challenge. Few nights in a fancy hotel, seven nights on a ship – tourist sites I. The morning, relaxing and sailing in the afternoon and ship’s dining and entertainment in the evening. Followed by another long stay in an amazing hotel.

For the mothership this is proving to be a real outfit planning nightmare! As a result – the request came in – wardrobe assessment and planning for an amazing trip.

A couple of weeks ago I headed round after work and surrounded by clothes a detailed wardrobe plan and packing plan was sorted. Yay!!

DF Memory

I was at the Destination Florida starry night ball this weekend, which was a huge success! As is traditional, reminiscence was part of the evening’s discussions, which brought to mind memories of messing about in hotel rooms in the name of entertainment!

One of the acts in Cirque de Soleil was a rather…. erm….. engaging gentleman who performed astounding aerial feats using silks … one point swinging around the arena with the silks positioned like wings behind him! (I think I fell a little bit in love!)

One evening, Janet, one of the volunteers entered one of the girl’s bedrooms looking for me to come and treat someone, only to find me and Clare re-enacting with the use of the decorative throws off the bottom of the bed.

Janet’s ‘What ARREE you doing?’

Clare and I’s freeze frame and the girls falling to the floor crying with laughter will always be a treasured memory.

How can I be jealous of anyone when I’ve got memories like that to look back on?

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