Brave little soldier

Good thing number – 10

Classification – Physioing

Time taken – 2 1/2 hours (including travel)

….well he was brave….. not sure about the little mind….. and I’ll most likely be in trouble for the soldier bit, however brave mature ex-marine doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily does it?!

After my foray into providing Physio for my challenge I was contacted by one of my blue group buddies asking if I would be able to go and see her hubby (also a DFer) who had returned from a motorbiking tour a tad worse for wear. Luckily I had a meeting in Manchester at the end of today so it was possible to pop over with a bit of a detour so he wasnt waiting for too long before I could see him. After a quick catch up, some initial treatment so I could fully assess and a treatment plan put into place … involving the use of two socks that he normal wears with his kilt he should be on the road to recovery. Hope so… only 13 months to get you fighting fit for the next DF trip!

DF memory

This memory is probably the one that makes me chuckle the most. Magic Kingdom, the day that makes my spine tingle. I honestly can’t think of this day without raising a smile. The park itself is just beautiful and the attention to detail just mind boggling! Even the man hole covers have mickey on them! (yes, I am still disappointed by normal world manhole covers on a regualr basis!) We’d had a truly brilliant day filled with fun and laughter and I think this was the day when we really saw the group of kids come together as one.

look! These made me smile so much!

look! These made me smile so much!

Now no day at Magic Kingdom is complete without seeing the main street electrical parade and firework display (more about that in a future post). We set up camp in a good location ready to see the parade. Unfortunately, as it was so busy we had to insist on the kids staying in their chairs (it really helps us ensure we know where they are at all times and ensure we can maintain a clear eye on them throughout) and lets just say not everyone has the wherewithall not to muscle in in front of wheelchairs  so the view was a tad restricted at times. One of our girls in particular was really worried about not being able to see everything clearly enough to take pictures and was worried about not being able to see the detail of the parade (she could get a tad grumpy when tired too!). The possibility of a record breaking sulkathon was high. There was only one thing for it… I was appointed chief photographer & parade re-enactor. Every seperate section was re-enacted for her at close range (granted I wasnt be-decked in lights, but I had the disney grin nailed!), to the soundtrack of her alternating between shouting at me to get a picture and laughing like a drain.

note... not my picture... lackof heads cutting off the bottom of the image guves it away ;)

note… not my picture… lackof heads cutting off the bottom of the image guves it away ;)

Grumpy mood 0 Precious memory 1

(I’ll take that as a win for DF)

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