Black Friday Antidote

Good thing number – 39

Classification – Random act of kindness

Time taken – mmmm with traffic 1 hour

At the start of this journey, Regan and I did a random act of kindness. We bought a box of chocolates and gave them to an unsuspecting lady on the streets of Wigan. Her reaction was priceless, as was the reaction of Regan who couldn’t stop smiling… it had made her feel so happy and warm inside :) (Pssst… me too!)

So, I decided that I wanted to end my journey (prior to the big event) in the same manner. It had felt so good I wanted to do it again.

There was something almost poetic about doing this today, on Black Friday… a day so focussed on consumerism, when what I had set out to achieve with this little mission was completely the opposite. I didn’t want presents, I wanted to do good things instead… do things for others… do things that would make me feel good. On a day that has seen people brawling over TVs in the past, finishing my mission by taking the opposite approach was really rather lovely.

So after work this evening, I set out to the retail park to purchase flowers and gift them to someone unsuspecting. The traffc and weather was horrid.


Good. An unsuspecting gift would probably go down much better.

I popped into Aldi – my word they have some nice flowers!! and was treated to some good thinging myself by two lovely folk who invited me to go before them to save me queing. As the first man joked as I thanked him that all I needed now was someone to buy them for me, I had to supress a smile… funny that… it’s exactly what I was doing… buying them for someone else :)



Armed with my flowers an a brolly, I hit the retail park to find my recipient. This is a bit harder than it sounds. I wanted someone who looked a bit down, or completed distracted and overwhelmed by the weather.

The lady I spotted was huddled underneath her hood, trying to shlter herself from the weather. The look of surprise and joy as I said “Excuse me, could I give you these?” was worth millions. with that off I skipped with a “Have a lovely evening” left her smiling with joy… completely forgetting the rain.

DF Memory

One of the girls I have talked about in my blog won all of our hearts. Scared of everything and very much withdrawn from those around her when she arrived on the trip, it was a true honour to see her sparkle. On party night… when things generally get rather emotional one of our volunteers Janet, gave her a huge hug and said ‘I think you are awesome’…. her response… “no one at school thinks I’m awesome. I’m going to miss having friends”.

Yes… hearts broken

However, on the way to the airport I kind of got the impression that actually, things had changed with this young lady… her new found confidence might just mean that things would be different… and hopefully people would start to see her for the awesome person she truly is.

As we approached the airport, she was asking Clare what would happen on our arrival… then armed with the microphone on the bus, she announced to the whole group what we all needed to do when we arrived and what would be happening with luggage, passports, checking in, heading through security.. the works! I have never felt so fully briefed. She would never have done this at the begining of the trip but the jouney she went on meant she was truly empowered and her smile after doing it told me that she truly belived she was awesome too x

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