Being off skates is pants

Good thing number – 17

Classification – Physioing

Time taken – 1 hour

One of my lovely roller girls took a tumble the other week, injuring her left knee. I don’t know what it is with us at Preston Roller Girls but it’s ALWAYS the left!! Still, it means we can share knee braces!

Rach had tried to return to skating a few weeks ago and entered the mental battle that many of us have endured- THE FEAR!! Everything seemed to tighten up, she felt like Bambi and then felt another ping in her knee. She decided enough was enough and she wanted this sorting …… 40 good things request submitted.

This was a lovely good thing to do simply because I knew the difference it was going to make. Quick bit of treatment, home exercise programme prescribed (supervised by my very beautiful 7 year old trainee; Rachel’s daughter) and Rach will be back on skates in no time :) (with her team mates around her to get her through the fear.

DF Memory

I suppose this one is more about the effects of DF. A memory that springs to mind so regularly.

One of our teenage girls with very shy, self-conscious and under confident. At the airport we had our first group photo. And straight away we noticed that she hid behind the others.

Through the trip we witnessed this fabulous girl emerge as the strong, confident young woman she should be. I’d love to see where she is in ten years. I think she’ll be a force to be reckoned with!

Fast forward to the last day, shopping in Downtown Disney. I have a picture on my phone of her posing in the most fabulous Nightmare before Christmas hat. She is WORKING it!

I adore that picture. For me it sums up what DF is all about PERFECTLY.

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