Back with a ba(n)g!!

Good thing number – 11

Classification – bag packing

Time taken – 6 hours (including travel)


Oh dear…… well I didn’t count on a wacking great poorliness in the midst of this wee mission did I? Work on good thinging has slowed somewhat over the past week or so and I’ve made a promise to pace myself for another week or so while I recover properly; but the magic of medication meant I could keep my promise with this one.

Saturday morning, Tesco Haslingden was overtaken by a motley mob of Destination Florida volunteers armed and ready with smiles, carrier bags, collection buckets and a promise to pack carefully and in cupboard order! My partner in crime the FABULOUS Carol the checkout lady!

Having never done bag packing before I have to admit I was a tad worried. I don’t know about you but when the local kids rugby team is stationed at my checkout I have been known to pay them NOT to pack my bags. I fear for my bread, my eggs tremble in their shells and my desire to have everything arranged in the right bags for easy unpacking makes me twitchy. I was therefore determined to reassure the shoppers of Haslingden that I would treat their shopping like my own. Carol liked this approach, it was the same as hers. We were kindred spirits in our mission to

“Protect the produce”

Ok, I may be over-exaggerating slighty… but actually not that much! We had a great day. Bags were packed, physio advice was given to a lovely lady wth sciatica who was off on her hols to Bali the following week & limes were run for supermarket sweep style to protect the G&T for a group of lads preparing to watch the rugby.

The people of Haslingden are a generous bunch too! Genuine interest in who we were and what we were raising money for …. and hopefully a few nominations for worthy children off the back of the discussions thanks to the shoppers jobs :) ……. and the total raised?


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DF Memory

This memory will always make me smile. In fact it does as I watch the video on my phone on a fairly regular basis!

At our pre-trip meeting with the children and their families, I have to admit to being a little worried about how this young girl was going to fit in on the trip and if she was going to engage with anyone. She sat seperate to everyone and despite our best efforts didn’t want to come and meet the rest of the group. At the begining of the trip she was very quiet and much like Violet in the Incredibles she hid herself behind a curtain of dark hair.

She loved animals and spent much of the trip chasing geckos; with a wickedly quick hand to catch them. We were soon all in on it, pointing out animals we saw… and our group could often be spotted by their presence in the bushes on the walk over for mealtimes at the hotel as we tracked something down. I have never felt such excitement as the morning I managed to get a picture of a possum for her on the way over and me and the child I was looking after raced over to the dining room to show her… the delight on her face a true picture.

As the week went on and she realised she was being loved and appreciated for who she was, the curtain of hair began to move away from that gorgeous face of hers and her smile started to erupt.

We were lucky enough to capture this on video one day… in one of the funniest moments of the trip.

As we had the treat of ice creams one day, we were all standing together as a group, giving her the opportunity of a bit of wildlife hunting. As predicted, before we knew it she had a gecko in her grasp. Only problem was, as she took a step forward to show someone, she tripped, squeezing the poor gecko in her grasp as she tumbled! We swear its poor eyes bulged! As she came to her feet laughing her head off and stroking the gecko you could see the new found confidence within her. A tumble like that a few days earlier would have sent her scurrying… that day, it simply raised a chuckle, a wicked smile and a very gentle stroke and return to safety for the gecko :)

…… animals were harmed in the making of this memory

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