Baby it’s cold outside…

Good thing number – 34

Classification – Random act of kindness

Time taken – a huge ten minutes to get it together… maybe another ten to plant it

Good lord the weather suddenly seems to have noticed what season it is. The temperature plummeted over the last few days. This would normally see me start to have a wee internal whinge… having to get up earlier to factor in de-icing the car and driving more carefully, though loving the feeling of being safe and warm inside with heating on, snuggled up on the sofa.

This year is a tad different though… these good things have really started to take effect. Yesterday morning as I stepped outside and felt the chill, my first thought was about those who couldnt wrap up warm to go out, who didn’t have a home to snuggle up in.

A few days ago a facebook post was doing the rounds showing a fabulous thing that has been happening in Halifax.


A bunch of awesome people in Halifax are tying jackets, scarves, and hats to light poles, benches and bus shelters – for those in need as Winter approaches. They all come with a tag which reads: “I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm!”


To put it simply… this is a truly brilliant idea. So obviously it was one I wanted to do. So a quick root through my coats and the cupboard where I keep the winter woolies and a wool coat, beanie, wool scarf and snuggly gloves are hanging on my banister ready to dress a bollard tomorrow. I sincerely hope they do the trick for someone.

This one is an easy thing to tackle for all of us – lets take this one truly viral and dress our city centres with a bit of warmth for those who need it most x

DF Memory

One of my favourite memories has to be from SeaWorld. I know it’s contentious with a lot of people now but please focus on the memory rather than where it was.

Initially I almost made an absolute fool of myself. Anyone who has been to the killer whale show will know that at the beginning a bit of a fuss is made about the armed forces. This experience taught me to listen properly! I thought they were asking everyone to stand in honour of those from our armed forces…. errrrr…. nope….. those in the armed forces were standing and everyone else was showing their appreciation! Thank god Alan looked at me like I’d lost it as I started to stand!

During this show the group was split – with those that wanted to get covered in whale wee during the show (not my words – we have our group leader Alan to thank for that thought provoking insight!!) and those who were with our less mobile kids in the disabled seating area. I was sat in the dry seats with one of our girls who HATED getting wet (she had spent pool morning catching up on on zzzzzzz’s). As the show started she was PETRIFIED!!! I ended up standing behind her with my arms around her, quietly talking her through what was happening and gettng her to focus on the tricks and rationalising where the spray was landing as the whales did their thing. She absolutely LOVED it! However, I couldn’t move…. she was clinging onto my arms and it was obvious that she really needed that physical contact to reassure her and allow her to focus on and enjoy the show.

When one of the park staff tapped me on my my shoulder and explained that I wasn’t allowed to stand there my heart absolutely sank, I didn’t think she would be able to stay calm if I moved, it was likely we would have to leave. I turned ready to plead to them to allow me to stay there and explain how much she needed it right then… to be absolutely floored. No M’am, our supervisor has said you absolutley CANNOT stand for the performance….. here’s a chair.

Now that is good thinging :)


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