And we’re off…….

Good thing number – 1
Classification – gifting
Time taken – approx 3 hours

My lovely, lovely friend Sian and her fabulous hubby Adam have had an absolutely horrendous year. Sian is expecting their first child in October and has been really quite poorly throughout. To make matters worse, on moving into their new family home, they handed over a huge wodge of cash to someone who I am struggling to refer to as a builder. Honestly, the mess he left them in was the stuff of a channel five 4 part documentary and sting operation. Long story short, they’ve ended up having to pay a second builder even more than the first to put everything right!

So, I have been through all my baby things that I was planning on selling and took a ram packed car full round to them the other week. Moulin Roty changing table and crib, Quinny buzz pram with carry cot & all the accessories, Quinny zap buggy & car seat.

It felt so good as I know it’s taken some pressure off these two very special people. I wasn’t after a donation, but it seems I have one, so this is now good thing number one.

Destination Florida Memory – WALRUS!!!! One of our fabulous boys this year was a lively chap to say the least. By the end of the first day he had said my name 463 times (I actually fear this may be an underestimation!). One of his dreams was to see a walrus.
The day that it happened was truly magical. He was so still, so calm, so in awe and transfixed as this amazing beast repeatedly swam past him. If we could have left him stood in that window all day, I’m sure he would have been in heaven!
He spends a week in hospital every few months. On his next admission following the DF trip, he sent Hi’s to us all via some of the staff that were on on team. Made me smile to hear that accompanying him into hospital was his giant stuffed walrus, complete with DF shirt. I know the place that walrus takes him back to and I hope he still gets that feeling of unbridled joy every time

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