Going all scientific … well kind of!

Good thing number – 14

Classification – Signature make (Its the bake-off final next week!!!)

Time taken – 1 hour

My lovely friend Jodi is a lab assistant and she is super passionate about science. A while ago I bought some fabulous fabric covered in scientfic equations & made my daughter Regan (who also happens to be mad about science) a skirt and hair bow. Jodi LOVED them, so when I asked for people to request good things it had to be something made with that for Jodi.

The request… a wired headband. Now, I had no idea how to make a wired headband, but I love faffing about wth fabric (this is how I would describe my sewing talents) so occassionally treat myself to a sewing magazine. So glad I did… the other week, what popped up nestled among the pages? Instructions for exactly what Jodi wanted – yay!! As of today, Jodi will be the best dressed lab tech in school (oh … not to mention the coolest! – Im sure all our our lab technicians wore tweed and had blue rinses!)


In all its glory!




DF memory

While we are on the subject of hair accessories, I can’t really ignore the devotion to plaiting demonstrated in Blue group last year. My fabulous roomie had invested heavily in ribbon and pipe cleaners before the trip and our morning routine often focussed on what style of plaiting we were adopting that day! The best day had to be when we went all out with pipe cleaner enhanced plaits just like good old pippi longstocking.

What makes me smile about plaiting though has to be the time we spent with most of the girls doing their hair. You dont realise how much that caring touch can mean. Florida humidity plays havoc with your hair and despite the pre-trip discussions about a frizz off the hairstyle of choice had to be plaits to keep us cool and stop us all looking like sideshow bob!

Many a special moment was had brushing hair and plaiting and I know for one of our team a special bond was formed over this daily ritual… the thought of the child coming to her every morning asking if she would plait her hair is one that will make me smile and swell with affection and love the situation every time it comes to mind xx

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